Aside from our location in one of the most beautiful regions of the world, what sets UVI apart from other universities? Read on to learn what makes UVI such a unique place. 

Some say it’s our Caribbean hospitality – that welcoming feeling you get when you visit the UVI campuses, the friendly “good mornings” and the offers to help you find your way around. Whether you are from the Virgin Islands or a newcomer, students quickly feel welcome and a sense of belonging to a close-knit community. 

One of the benefits of a smaller school is the intimate learning environment. Here you won’t get lost in a large lecture hall. Our small classes give you ample opportunity to build relationships with classmates and enjoy open dialogue with professors. At UVI, your professors will know you by name, and you will get to know them well too, in and out of the classroom. You will find that the UVI faculty and staff genuinely care and want you to succeed.  

At UVI, you will be supported and encouraged every step of the way.  

The Virgin Islands is a melting pot of cultures and, as the only Historically Black College & University outside of the continental U.S., UVI celebrates diversityWe offer a broad array of courses and programs that reflect the diversity of our students and community. 

Whatever your goals, you will leave UVI prepared and ready for action. Our robust academics, taught by expert faculty, provide a well-rounded education to help you become more marketable for the career of your choice. 

Experiential learning opportunities abound at UVI. Through our vast network of community partnerships, study abroad programs, internships and research activities, you can gain real world experience that will prepare you for life after college. 

At UVI, you’ll get an education that serves you well in the real world. 

At UVI, students have the opportunity to conduct premier research within University laboratories, in the field and abroad. Under the guidance of UVI professors, students research topics such as coral reef protection, cybersecurity, antibiotic research and much more.  

Our inspiring campuses do influence how you learn. Enjoy the tranquility of Brewers Beach before a big presentation. Study under the cool canopy of a Mahogany tree on St. Croix. Whether indoors or outside, our beautiful campuses provide plenty of motivational spaces to spark your creativity. 

Affordability is also what makes UVI a great value. Here, you will receive a world-class education at a fraction of the cost of many other similar institutions. As a public university, we work hard to keep tuition fees affordable for everyone. We offer generous financial assistance, and for those who qualify, even free tuition. 

UVI offers great value for your money. A quality education that gets you where you want to go.