Caribbean Cultural Studies Graduation Requirements

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Social Sciences Department
Caribbean Cultural Studies Minor

Graduation Requirements

Prospective Students should be aware

  • All requirements for the minor can be completed on either campus. 
  • Entry level courses can be completed on either campus and online, depending on course availability.

A total of 24 credits are required to graduate with the Minor in Caribbean Cultural Studies. These will be comprised of:

  • five core courses (3 credits each), totaling 15 credits, and
  • three elective credits (3 credits each), totaling nine credits.

The five core courses represent diverse offerings in Geography, History, Literature, Humanities & the Arts, and Intercultural Communication.  All courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher.

Student Participants 

  • The primary audience for the Caribbean Cultural Studies minor will be UVI undergraduates.  It will attract students in many areas: humanities, social sciences, education, the creative arts and communication, as well as history, anthropology, and business.
  • The minor in Caribbean Cultural Studies could benefit teachers within the school system by providing them with a degree for professional purposes.
  • Graduate students might also take advantage of the opportunity to enhance their marketability. 
GOG 232 Geography of the Caribbean -- 3
HIS 341 Caribbean History -- 3
ENG 371 Caribbean Literature I ENG 261, ENG 262 3
HUM 115 Introduction to Humanities COM 120, ENG 120 3
COM 225 Intercultural Communication COM 119 3
ANT 225 Intro to Cultural & Physical Anthropology -- 3
ANT 257 The Black Experience in the New World SOC 256 3
ENG 372 Caribbean Literature II ENG 261, ENG 262, ENG 371 3
ECO 461 Caribbean Economic Problems ECO 221, ECO 222 3
HIS 261 Intro to History of Carnival & Caribbean Culture SSC 100 (or other SSC intro course) 3
HIS 330 United States – Caribbean Relations -- 3
HIS 342 History of the Virgin Islands -- 3
HIS 350 Latin America Since Independence -- 3
MUS 363 World Music -- 3
POL 340 Caribbean Government and Politics POL 121 3
PSY 302 Culture and Behavior PSY 120, PSY 202 3
NUR 310 PSY 310 SOC 310 SWK 310 Intro to Racial & Ethnic Health Disparities in Health Care ENG 201 3
SWK 430 Social Welfare:  Policies, Programs, Issues SOC 121 3
SOC 381 Contemporary Caribbean Society SOC 121 3
MSC 111 Open Water Scientific Diving Must have the approval of the Dean of Maths & Science if student was a non-science major before registration 1