Student and Teacher in Radio Station


Instructors of the Department of Communication, Art, Theatre and Music* work toward the achievement of the following objectives:

* provide excellent and diligent teaching related to the discipline of Communication and the Arts
* Introduce students to the language, pedagogical practices and theories in the communication discipline
* encourage the study of historical, educational and theoretical concepts and practices related to Media, Art, and Theatre
* reinforce methods of learning related to critical analysis and thought within and across various disciplines of study at the university
* instill academic values through personal and professional commitment to academic excellence at all levels of teaching and learning
* exhibit examples of values and morals that promote excellent ethical behavior among students
* provide students with an exciting atmosphere in which to learn and practice ideals related to the study of the discipline
* Provide reasonable efforts to aid students in their abilities to network and connect with others in the field of Communication and across other academic disciplines that will encourage collaborative learning and understanding
* create an atmosphere that encourages continual study, learning and growth
* nurture,, encourage and reinforce students abilities to ultimately act independently in creative, critical and interpretive ways
Student Learning Outcomes – Program
* Demonstrate intercultural sensitivity and identify their ethical responsibilities to their community, society, discipline, and profession based on various perspectives and associated standards of communication.
* Communicate appropriately and effectively within various organizational and group contexts
* Demonstrate appropriate and effective conflict management strategies,
* Demonstrate effective nonverbal and verbal communication techniques.
* Demonstrate the ability to effectively deliver formal presentations before a variety of live audiences..
* Demonstrate proficiency in the use of written English, including proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

In the final months of senior year, students will bring forth to a committee of communication professors demonstrable evidence of accomplishment in each of the areas identified in the objectives above.  In the course of developing the senior seminar project, communication students should give evidence in their presentation of competence in at least six of the areas identified above. During Senior Seminar, communication faculty will evaluate communication students to ascertain their achievement in those areas.