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Minor in Communication

College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
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Minor in Communication

Communication is all about delivering messages to people who need to know your information. At UVI we recognize that there are many fields of study and we offer full bachelor’s degrees in these fields. We also want you to know how to tell others what you learn – whatever your field of study. 

The University offers you the opportunity to study Communication as a Minor.  Regardless of your specialization, the person who can deliver what they know rises to the top of leadership.  As you plan your degree program, consider if you want to be a leader in your field or just a practitioner.  Leaders need to communicate.

Like the Major in communication, students can focus on specific specializations in the minor.  Theater, Voice, Computer Communication, and Broadcasting are all available.  The career options & pathways open to Minors in communication depend on the major – people who specialize in good communication are often in high demand.  A person who is an expert, but lacks communication skills will forever have their career limited while the clear communicator will rise to positions of leadership.

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