Graduation Requirements

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Social Sciences Department
Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

Graduation Requirements
Prospective Students should be aware that all requirements to graduate with an BA Degree in Criminal Justice can be completed on either UVI campus, or online (if available).  Efforts are currently underway to increase our online CJU course offerings.

Courses required for students to graduate with a BA Degree in Criminal Justice are as follows (does not include general education requirements):

Required courses in Social Sciences:
Course Credits
HIS 341 or HIS 342 Caribbean History or History of the Virgin Islands      3
CJU 110 Introduction to Criminal Justice      3
CJU 205 Administration of Justice      3
CJU 207 Criminal Law      3
CJU 240 Constitutional Law  
CJU 250 Criminal Justice Internship      3
CJU 325 Police Organization and Administration      3
CJU 321/POL 321 Contemporary Corrections      3
CJU 401 Criminal Justice Research Methods and Analysis      4
CJU 432 Criminal Procedure and Evidence      3
POL 120 Introduction to Political Science      3
POL 129 Introduction to Public Administration      3
PSY 120 General Psychology      3
SOC 121 Introduction to Sociology      3
SOC 333/CJU 333 Criminology      3
SSC 327 Quantitative Research Methods in the Social Sciences I      4
SSC 328 Quantitative Research Methods in the Social Sciences II      4
SSC 497 Social Sciences Senior Seminar I      1
SSC 498 Social Sciences Senior Seminar II      1

Required Courses in other Fields: These courses also count toward satisfaction of section above

Course Credits
MAT 140 College Algebra with Applications      4
MAT 235 Introduction to Statistics with Applications      4

For the nine credits of electives, students in the BA in Criminal Justice will choose a minimum of 6 credits at the three hundred level or above from among the following:

  • Anthropology
  • Business Administration
  • Criminal Justice
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Social Work
  • Social Science