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Students pursuing other majors at UVI may choose to pursue a minor in English.  For example, a student majoring in Business may decide to minor in English.  That decision may enhance the student’s success after graduation if he or she applies to law school, is accepted, and decides to concentrate in corporate law.  Career opportunities are often abundant for a student who minors in English because skills gained from this area of study can be easily applied to many career fields.  English minors learn to think clearly and critically, to analyse and interpret data, and to communicate effectively.  These skill sets are in great demand by graduate schools and employers today.

A minor in English consists of at least 18 credits in English at the 300 level or above, distributed as follows:

  1. One writing course is required, either Introduction to Creative Writing or Advanced Writing.
  2. One course in English Language is required, either Language Theory and Practice or History of the English Language.
  3. Two literature survey courses are required from among the two British literature courses, three American literature courses and two Caribbean literature courses offered at UVI.
  4. One major author course is required, focusing on an American, British or Caribbean major author.
  5. All English Minors at UVI are required to take the one Literary Criticism course offered.

 Each student choosing to earn an English Minor at UVI should carefully read the current UVI Catalog for further details and updates.  Some examples of proven career opportunities for English minors include becoming an account executive or supervisor, an advertising sales representative, an attorney, a technical or speech writer, an author, a bank officer, a court reporter, a researcher, an electronic publishing specialist, an environmental planner, an executive assistant, a fund raiser, an insurance agent, a legal assistant, a marketing coordinator, a public information officer, a real estate broker, a traffic manager. 

Program Details

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Department Chair:  Patricia Harkins-Pierre, PhD

Administrative Assistant: Debbie Joseph