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Bachelor of Arts in Humanities

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Bachelor of Arts in Humanities 

The Humanities Major at the University of the Virgin Islands allows students an opportunity to create, within some limits, an individual interdisciplinary program of study in the humanities disciplines, which are central to a liberal arts education.  A student choosing a Humanities Major studies the broad relationships and connections among the humanities disciplines, while also focusing on those of special significance and interest.  At UVI a Humanities major affords an unusual degree of flexibility and range, while preparing students develop the initiative and discipline associated with graduate study.  An undergraduate earning a B.A. degree at UVI with a Humanities Major is being prepared for many non-specialized careers—the emphasis on reading, writing and critical evaluation is crucial for personal fulfillment and professional success in the world today—a world that demands effective communication skills, multicultural understanding and the ability to not only identify but to articulate an understanding of a range of issues and problems. 

The following details are important to understand about the Humanities Major at UVI:

  • Anyone admitted into the program with fewer than 24 credits needs to check the list of the 3 required courses in Freshman Studies, which together total 7 credits. 
  • The Primary area of emphasis consists of no fewer than 9 credits at the 300-400 level, which together total 18 credits.  Presently (as of the 2012-2013 UVI Catalog), journalism or a combination of communication/theatre courses may be selected as primary areas of emphasis.
  • The Secondary area of emphasis consists of no less than a total of 15 credits.  Presently (as of the 2012-2013 UVI Catalog), for the Secondary  field of emphasis, art, English, French, music, Spanish or a combination of speech communication/ theatre courses may be the focus.  
  • Additional courses in the Humanities are required, consisting of no less than a total of 12 credits.  Courses in the humanities taken to satisfy the general education requirements at UVI for the bachelor’s degree may be counted toward the requirements for a Humanities major, with several exceptions.  It is important that Humanities majors and their advisors check the current UVI Catalog for a complete listing of these exceptions. 
  • All Humanities Majors are required to take Senior Humanities Seminar, HUM 497-498, totaling 2 credits, 1 credit per course.   

An undergraduate education as a Humanities Major at UVI provides a sound basis for careers in many fields.  Such fields include, but are not limited to, teaching, business, government administration, media, public relations, and other careers which involve writing, editing, translating, and the performing arts.


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