Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)

Overview of ROTC
The Senior ROTC of the University of the Virgin Islands was established on the St. Croix in 2005 and in St. Thomas in 2008. ROTC is an abbreviation Reserve Officer Training Corps. The curriculum consists of four levels: MS 1, MS 2, MS 3 and MS 4. The classes for this curriculum are a gradual increase in difficulty and training. The goal of the UVI ROTC program, is to train cadets in order to become an officer in the US Army.

The Life of the MS 1 Cadet
For a MS 1 cadet, there are two classes. An MS 1 cadet will become familiar on cadences, military courtesies and drill and ceremony. MSL 101, Foundations of Leadership, is offered in the fall and MSL 102, Basic Leadership in the spring. MSL 101 is an introductory class. Brand new cadets encounter new concepts like the basics on team dynamics, environmental tactical awareness and the US Army ranking system. MSL 102, goes a little more in-depth. It covers the same topics as MSL 101, however, cadets are expected to be knowledgeable on the basics of the Armed Forces.

The Life of a MS 2 Cadet
For a MS 2 cadet, there are also two classes. A MS 2 cadet has already been introduced to basic Army standards. MSL 201, Individual Leadership Studies is offered in the fall and the MSL 202, Leadership and Teamwork is offered in the spring. MSL 201 is an intermediate class. The course offers lessons in terrain analysis, map reading and land navigation. MSL 202 is a reinforcement course for MSL 201.

The Life of a MS 3 Cadet
For a MS 3 cadet, there are also two classes in that level. The courses are MSL 301, Leadership and Problem Solving and 302, Leadership and Ethics. This is where things get serious. At this stage, cadets are now facing a big decision. There will now undergo serious training for LDAC (Leadership Development Assessment Course). This training event will determine whether not a cadet will be commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army.

The Life of a MS 4 Cadet
The life of MS 4 Cadet is pretty simple. Everything is smooth sailing onwards until graduation. There are two classes in the MS 4 level, MSL 401, Officership and Management and MSL 402, Officership. At the MS 4 level cadets learn how to develop their skills as officer. Conducting counseling statements, being in charge of a company size element, training MS 3's and engaging field training exercises in Puerto Rico are part of an MS 4 required activities. MS 4 cadets aid the cadre in training the MS 1 - 3 cadets throughout the year. MS 3 cadets have an MS 4 monitor for each leadership evaluation and MS 4's lead the PT sessions.

UVI SROTC Program Coordinator

Augustus Laurencin Jr., 1LTP/SC

Phone: (340) 776-9200/ 1375