College of Science & Mathematics
Department of Biological Sciences
Marine Biology Programs

Welcome to the Marine Biology Program at the University of the Virgin Islands! We are proud to offer a flexible and rigorous program of study in marine biology here in St. Thomas, where the tropical Caribbean Sea is our laboratory.

The University of the Virgin Islands offers two undergraduate degrees in Marine Biology. As the program develops, specialized field courses in chemical and physical oceanography, marine geology and marine instrumentation will be added. It is anticipated that the growing recognition for marine technicians will result in expanded career opportunities for those who complete the undergraduate program. Students in this program also will be prepared for graduate work.


Planned Course Offerings

Course Fall Even Spring Odd Fall Odd Spring Even Summer
MSC 111 X X X X
BIO 141 Gen Bio I X X X X
MBI 220 X      
BIO 245 Genetics X   X  
BIO 261[2] X   X  
BIO 301[2] X   X  
BIO 339 X      
BIO 349 X      
BIO 360 X   X  
BIO/MBI 397 X   X   X
BIO/MBI 497 X    X   X
MBI 222     X  
BIO 370     X  
BIO 397     X  
BIO/MBI 430     X  
BIO/MBI 465/466     X X
BIO/MBI 495/496 X X X X X
BIO 497     X  
BIO 142 Gen Bio II   X   X X
MSC 211   X   X
BIO 223 Ecology   X   X
BIO 295   X   X
BIO 262[2]   X   X
BIO 342   X   X
BIO 350   X    
BIO 355   X    
BIO/MBI 398   X   X X
BIO/MBI 498   X   X
SCI 497 X X X
MBI 424   X    
MSC 239       X
BIO 352       X