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Minor in Environmental Science

College of Science & Mathematics
Department of Biological Sciences

Minor in Environmental Science

Brief introduction and Summary of the Environmental Science Minor
 The Environmental Science minor is an interdisciplinary minor, incorporating courses from a variety of UVI’s colleges and schools and making the minor accessible to students in most of the University’s degree programs.  

  • Career Options & Pathways:
    • Students graduating with an Environmental Science minor will be prepared for a wide-range of career options, including jobs with:
      • Government (e.g., National Park Service, USVI Department of Natural Resources)
      • Environmental non-profit organizations (e.g., The Nature Conservancy, The Ocean Conservancy)
      • Private, for-profit entities (firms that conduct environmental impact studies)
      • Higher education degree programs (e.g., Masters and Ph.D. programs)
  • Other advising information:
    • ENV 3XX must be taken on the St. Thomas campus.

Required Courses:

CJU/SSC/SCI 220 Introduction to Geographic information Systems 3
ENV 200 Introduction to Environmental Science & Policy 3
ENV 365 Topics in Environmental Science 4
MAT 235 Introductory Statistics with Applications 4
Two elective classes, chosen from the list in the catalog.


Other Requirements:
  • Students must complete the 18-30 credits above with a grade C or higher.


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Dean Sandra Romano, Ph.D.
Department Chair Michelle Peterson, Ph.D.
Administrative Assistant STX Julene Chapman
Administrative Specialist STT Marlene Parrot-Gokool