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Chemistry Programs

Chemistry majors can earn a BS or BA degree which allows them to enter graduate schools and train to obtain M.S. or Ph.D. degrees. A degree in Chemistry also is an excellent preparation for students interested in pursuing a professional degree in Medicine (MD), Pharmacy (PharmD), or Dentistry (DDS). 

There over 800,000 trained chemists currently working in the United States.  The average starting salary for BS chemists is about $40,000 per year.  For Ph.D. chemists, the starting salaries average over $75,000.  In addition to industrial and research jobs, many chemists pursue a career in teaching. Find out more about the number of jobs available in the field of chemistry and the possible career options at the American Chemical Society website.

A career in chemistry can not only provide a good living, but allow you to work on exciting problems in medicine, the environment and many other critical issues facing the world. Come find out more about why Chemistry is called "The Central Science." Chemistry Faculty can be found in the upper level of the Science and Mathematics building and in Quarters B on upper campus on the Orville E. Kean Campus in St. Thomas, and in the UVI RTPark Building on the Albert A. Sheen campus in St. Croix.

Planned Course Offerings Fall Spring Summer
CHE 111 Principles of Chemistry for the Life Sciences 1 x x x
CHE 151 General Chemistry 1 x x x
CHE 152 General Chemistry 2 x x x
CHE 253 Organic Chemistry 1 x    
CHE 254 Organic Chemistry 2   x  
CHE 251 - 252 Quantitative -Instrumental Chemistry x (odd years) x (even years)  
CHE 341 - 342 (Physical Chemistry) x (even years) x (odd years)  
CHE 348 Biochemistry   x  
CHE 432 Inorganic Chemistry x (odd years) x (even year)