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Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

This website is designed to inform faculty, students, university personnel and community members on the assessment of student learning. Additionally, this website will provide information resources to assist UVI academic units in developing unit assessment plans. By working together, while maintaining our focus on UVI's mission, our faculty, staff and administration will: develop and implement assessment plans; use assessment results to inform curricular and instructional improvements; and deploy these improvements to enhance student learning and success.

Our long-term goal is to spearhead UVI's transformation into a 'culture of evidence' and a learner-centered institution committed to student success. To specifically impact the culture change, Office of Student Learning Outcomes Assessment must achieve several related strategic objectives.

The University of the Virgin Islands' journey to effectively institute student learning outcomes assessment has been and will continue to be an evolutionary 'organizational learning process', rather than a "big bang" transformation done right the first time. The University realizes that "assessment is a learner-centered movement and plays a key role in shifting from a teacher-centered to a learner-centered paradigm by forcing us to ask, 'What have our students learned and how well have they learned it?' 'How successful have we been at what we are trying to accomplish?'"