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Creativity is about the ability to produce new thinking, processes, and products. A creative person is flexible, open, positive, and interested in developing out-of-the-box thinking to reach a goal.

The report of the New Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce states that “Creativity, innovation, and flexibility… will be demanded of virtually everyone who is making a decent living, from graphic artists to assembly line workers, from insurance brokers to home builders.”

Creativity is no longer just a reference to fine art.  Creative thinking has been identified as a necessary skill for the 21st Century.  Business owners are aware of the critical need for infusing innovation into their practices.  In fact, a Jan. 9 LinkedIn Learning report ranked Creativity as the most in-demand soft skill for applicants in 2019, and it has retained its place heading into 2020.

UVI's Vision

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UVI’s 2018-2023 Strategic Plan, Greatness Through Innovation, is an initiative with an ambitious target that continues to keep the institution on course to emerge beyond the limits of its expanding ability. This includes giving members of the UVI community opportunities for increasing effectiveness in evidence-based decision-making. Creative Thinking and Creative Problem Solving are effective tools in fostering enhanced abilities, engagement and performance of UVI’s faculty, staff and students alike and will lead to the desired hallmarks of institutional success and innovative leadership.

Our Mission

“To expertly provide research-informed creativity models and tools, so that each client is equipped and inspired to dream, plan, and achieve more.”

The Creativity Lab is designed to foster a culture of Creativity both at UVI, and in the wider community of the USVI. We deliver services that introduce, encourage, and enhance creative techniques and thinking in the workplace.  

Certified and trained professionals will support your group, either at your site or ours through interactive programming tailored to your needs.

Session in Progress

Working with the Creativity Lab is for those who are seeking training in using techniques that will expand new or innovative practices that are internally driven.  The training is appropriate for all types of organizations, including government agencies, corporations, schools and community-based organizations.

The Science of Creativity

Our work focuses, to a significant extent, on the science of creativity. Working with students from UVI’s Creative Leadership for Innovation and Change Doctoral Program, and researchers, we investigate various facets of creativity from a research and scholarly perspective. This work leads to research publications, and Ph.D. dissertations.

CLIC Students in Progress

Our Team

The Creativity Lab’s team is made up of FourSight® Certified Creativity practitioners who are highly experienced in delivering training for creativity mindset and creativity tools.



Photo of Camille McKayle Camille A. McKayle, PhD
Master Certificate in Creativity 

Photo of Lesyln Tonge Leslyn Tonge, PhD
PhD Creative Leadership for Innovaion and Change
Master Certificate in Creativity

Photo of Deborah Jackson Deborah Jackson, PhD
PhD Creative Leadership for Innovation and Change
Master Certificate in Creativity

Our Clients

The Creativity Lab is serving the needs of the University of the Virgin Islands with regard to our services and products. To date, we have worked with a number of UVI departments and units, including Student Affairs, the School of Nursing, the President’s Office, and the School of Business.

We have also facilitated sessions with the Virgin Islands Montessori School and Peter Gruber International Academy

What Our Clients Say About Us

“The facilitators were great. They were all engaging speakers.  The session felt very open, making it easy to share your thoughts.  And they were very positive.”  

Our Services

The Creativity Lab can help your business become a hub of creative thinking and activity by introducing the employees to skills and techniques that can be applied to most situations and/or events.

  • Problem Solving Preference Assessment – Ascertain each person’s problem solving preferences to identify areas of strength.
  • Problem Solving: learn techniques that help the team generate innovative solutions to the problem at hand.
  • Strategic Planning: involve every stake holder in identifying and reaching company goals.
  • Product development: Take your innovative ideas from start to finish following a creative process.
  • Retreats:  Present creative workshops that will engage all employees

Team building:  Engage in creative activities designed to build respect and rapport among employees.

We offer our expert services in the contexts of Workshops, Group Facilitations, Retreats and individual Client Instruction and Processing.

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