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Admitted International Freshman/Transfer Checklist

Congratulations on your acceptance to the University of the Virgin Islands!  Now that you have been admitted, please use this checklist to complete the necessary remaining steps. In addition to the checklist, please scroll to:

  • After Completing The Checklist: For more information on Class Registration, E-Checks, and New Student Orientation.

  • New Student Access: For more information on gaining access to your MyCampus Portal.

Download, complete, and submit the Enrollment Confirmation and Deposit Form

  • To access the Enrollment Confirmation and Deposit form, Click here.  

Submit an updated college transcript (for applicable admitted transfer students).

Download and read the UVI International Student Manual

  • The UVI International Student Manual provides valuable customs, enrollment, and financial information specifically for non-US students. To access the International Student Manual, click here.

Download, complete, and submit the Certificate of Finances Form.

  • International students are required by US federal regulations to demonstrate the ability to pay for at least the first year of academic study.  The Certificate of Finances Form, found within the UVI International Student Manual, should be supplemented with an official bank letter stating $38,000 (USD) is available for Academic Year 2024-2025 expenses. Photocopies, faxed, or scanned copies will not be accepted.  Personal bank account statements will not be accepted, as well.  The I-20 Immigration Form will not be issued until a Certification of Finances Form has been received for review.   Please submit the Certificate of Finances Form 4-6 weeks in advance of the start of your initial enrollment term. 
  • Documentation of financial support must be submitted along with the Certificate of Finance form to verify the availability of funds for at least the first year of study; and projected support for the remainder of the degree program. Documentation should include an official letter from the bank or lending institution, to confirm availability of funds. Once the following is completed, documentation will be provided to assist you in completing the I-901 process.  Please note: There is a charge for the I-901 processing. To receive information and pay the I-901 fee, you may click here. You will not be able to get an appointment for the interview at the nearest U.S. embassy if the I-901 processing is not completed. It is required that "F-1" students pursue a full-time course of study, the equivalent of 12 undergraduate credits per semester. Failure to do so will render the student in violation of their F-1 visa status. You may not attend the University full-time on a B-2 visa.
  • To view the Cost Breakdown Memo, click here.

    For entry into the US, the signed I-20, a valid Passport/Visa, and the I-901 fee receipt are required!

Download, complete, and submit the on-campus Student Housing Application

  • The Student Housing Application and the $100 (USD) housing deposit must be submitted in order to live in an on-campus student residence facility.  Note:  A student housing assignment will only be made once this application has been received by the Student Housing Office and the housing deposit has been paid. To access the Student Housing Application, click here,download, and email directly to Student Housing. For inquiries about Student Housing, contact the Orville E. Kean Campus (St. Thomas) at or (340) 693-1110 or the Albert A. Sheen Campus (St. Croix) at (340) 692-4194.

Download, complete, and submit the Student Health Form

  • The Student Health Form must be completed by a physician and submitted to UVI Student Health Services by the first day of classes. To access the Student Health Form, click here, download and email directly to Health Services. For inquiries about Health Services, contact Nurse Janet Pointer, RN at or (340) 693-1124 on the Orville E. Kean Campus (St. Thomas) or Director/ RN Jeanette Ferdinand at  or (340) 692-4214 on the Albert A. Sheen Campus (St. Croix).

Freshmen Placement Exam

  • Incoming freshmen must take the English Composition and Mathematics placement exams for academic placement to the University of the Virgin Islands. Passing of these exams place you in college-level English Composition 120 or Mathematics 140 /Mathematics 143. These exams can only be taken once as an incoming freshman.  For further information and samples guide for the English Composition and Mathematics tests, click on this link to see criteria that would exempt a student from the placement exam requirements, as well as for study guides of the English Composition and Mathematics tests. For information regarding placement testing dates, please click here.
  • To access your MyCampus, online account go to with your UVI Student Id (enclosed in your acknowledgement letter or admittance letter) and your default password, which is:

 first 2 letters of first name, a dash (-), first 2 letters of last name, and last 2 digits of UVI ID number@UVI.

      An example would be: Sally Johnson - Student ID # 008524036 sa-jo36@UVI”.

  • Once logged in you will have access to the MyCampus (university portal) that allows you to check your UVI email, access Banweb (to view your academic and financial information), and receive important UVI announcements. If you encounter problems with your login, contact UVI's IT Helpdesk at (340) 693-1466 or by email at

After Completing The Checklist:

Register for Classes: Are you registered for classes for the Fall 2024 semester? Registering for classes is an important requirement to be fully enrolled. If you have not registered yet, please contact the following advisors based on your major: Deadline: July 15

FRESHMAN ADVISORS (Albert A. Sheen Campus, St. Croix):

FRESHMAN ADVISORS (Orville E. Kean Campus, St. Thomas):

E-Check-up: Lastly, don't forget to complete the E-check-up programs. Your safety at the University is our top priority. Simply use the links below so that you can be informed and proactive about these programs. Be sure to complete both modules by August 1, 2024.

Register for New & Transfer Student Orientation AAS: Once you complete all these steps, now it’s time to register for orientation (August 16 - 18). Click here to register for new and transfer student orientation.

  • A New Student Orientation e-package will be sent from Student Affairs containing important dates and information specific to Orientation. To view the Orientation Schedule, click here.