The University of the Virgin Islands (UVI) has unveiled a cutting-edge innovation center that aims to bring together students, researchers, businesses, government leaders and other stakeholders to learn from one another and turn innovative ideas into reality. The 13D Research & Strategy Innovation Center is the latest realization of UVI’s “Greatness Through Innovation” strategic plan that is fostering a culture of innovation within the university.  The center, located in the former West Bay Supermarket building on the Orville E. Kean Campus on St. Thomas, was officially named today in honor of the St. Thomas-based, global research firm, 13D Research.  

“It is extremely fitting that the Innovation Center be named after our long-time supporter, 13D Research,” stated UVI President David Hall. “Through the past generosity of its founder, Kiril Sokoloff, UVI’s annual Student Entrepreneurial Competition is named after the company; our lone named distinguished professor, Tim Faley, carries the title of the Kiril Sokoloff Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship; and UVI has been able to make significant advances on its path of innovation and entrepreneurship. Now, thanks to an additional $3 million gift, it is appropriate for the center to carry the 13D Research name as we make a bold step forward in creating a permanent hub for students and our community to ideate and innovate,” said President Hall. “Kiril Sokoloff innovates with his head and his heart. He cares deeply about the Virgin Islands and UVI, and it has been a delight to have him as a partner and supporter in UVI’s quest for greatness.”   

In attendance at the naming ceremony, Sokoloff reflected on his hopes for the center quoting fellow inventor and entrepreneur Dr. William Brody, “What is the calculus of innovation? The calculus of innovation is really quite simple: Knowledge drives innovation, innovation drives productivity, productivity drives economic growth.” 

More information is available in a news release on the Media Section of the UVI - and from this direct link.