Access & Enrollment Services

Access and Enrollment Services (ACES) are available for electronic, telephone, and virtual services.


Prospective and Current UVI students are encouraged to contact Access and Enrollment Services via email or phone as the University continues with its COVID-19 protocols meant to ensure the safety of students and staff.  

There will be limited staff in our offices on any given day but all services remain available electronically.   ACES will be closed to “walk-in” customers.

We are available to assist you virtually with any day-to-day enrollment processing needs, and we welcome the opportunity to serve you.  

We thank you for your ongoing patience and appreciate your understanding during these challenging times. 

We will remain compliant with the best practices of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Federal Health Authorities, Department of Health, and UVI issued guidance.

Please see our contact information below:

Office of Admissions
Albert A. Sheen Campus
(340) 692-4158

Orville E. Kean Campus
(340) 693-1160

Office of Financial Aid
Albert A. Sheen Campus
(340) 692-4193

Orville E. Kean Campus
(340) 693-1090

Office of Registrar
Albert A. Sheen Campus
(340) 692-4103

Orville E. Kean Campus
(340) 693-1151

If there is a special circumstance where a face-to-face meeting is essential, we will work with you to identify an appropriate employee so that arrangements can be made to assist you. There will be limited staff in our office on any given day but all services remain available electronically.

We thank you for your ongoing patience and appreciate your understanding during these challenging times. Stay vigilant, stay strong, and stay healthy.


Located in the U. S. Virgin Islands, UVI is a unique public university for the United States. It offers far more than just beaches and coconut trees. UVI is a “university of place” where lives are nurtured, talents developed, potentials groomed, ethical standards practiced, and students are given the opportunity to succeed.

If you are looking for an excellent education where you can interact with worldwide cultures in ways you never experienced before – while staying in the United States – UVI is for you. UVI students come not only from the U. S., but from as far away as Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America. They’re attracted by our challenging academic programs, innovative research, and excellent teaching.

Campus diversity is not the only reason we are called “globally interactive.” While developing green technologies, making breakthroughs in tropical and sustainable agricultural research, and working to preserve Caribbean culture, our students are impacting the Virgin Islands and beyond. UVI produces graduates who are academically excellent, globally sensitive, entrepreneurially focused, emotionally and spiritually balanced, and committed to serving the world.

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