Health Requirements for Admission

Full-Time Students

  • Immunization Card
  • Physical completed by physician (Student Health Form)
  • Copy of Labs ( CBC, FBS, UA)
  • PPD


Part-Time Students

  • Immunization Card & demographics information
  • Student Health Form

Please download the Student Health Form for more information

Health Insurance

Full-Time Students

The University does not offer medical insurance however mandatory accidental insurance coverage provided only during the semester months, for on campus accidents and UVI sponsored events.  The accidental insurance fee is included in the student’s tuition.

Part-Time and graduate students are not covered under the University’s mandatory accidental insurance plan.

Special Diets

 All students on special diet must submit diets in writing to health services within two weeks of the semester. After that time no changes will be made except those authorize by a physician. We will make every effort to accommodate your diet request with help from the cafeteria staff.

Meal Exemptions

All students who live in the residence halls MUST be on a meal plan.   According to the UVI Policy, “all students residing on campus housing are required to select a meal plan option for each semester.” 

Effective immediately, Health Services will no longer approve on campus students’ meal exemptions. Every effort will be made to collaborate with the UVI cafeteria management to meet all diet needs of on-campus students. Only in rare circumstances will meal exemptions be approved. 

However, any student who deemed it necessary to be exempt from the meal plan should submit, to health services, the following documents:

1. A letter from your family physician stating:

     a. The reason for the meal exemption i.e. disease condition, etc.

     b. The student’s diet plan listing foods that the student can and cannot eat.

2. A letter from the student stating:

     a. The reason for the exemption

     b. The student’s plans for eating meals if not from the cafeteria.

All documents will be reviewed by the campus nurse and physician who will make recommendations, and final decision will be rendered by the Dean of Students in two weeks.

If you have questions please contact Health Services at 340-693-1124 or with meal exemption as the subject.

Class Excuse

All illnesses must be verified before an excuse is issued. If the student is treated by their private physician, it is the responsibility of the student's private physician to issue that excuse. The student however, can have the record of the injuries/illness send to health services and an excuse will be issued.

In House Meals

Under special circumstances, students are allowed to take meals back to their rooms from the cafeteria. Approval must be obtained from the campus nurse. Please contact Health Services for more information.  

Medical Records

Health Records are kept in strictest confidence. No medical information will be release without written approval from the student.