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Listen in to WUVI 97.3 FM - Buccaneer Radio!

To celebrate this grand occasion, we are proud to present the first 3 episodes of "Fireworks!", the new video series featuring the crafted video and audio works of UVI Communication students!

Any views, thoughts, and opinions expressed by the performers and content producers are solely those of the  performers and content producers and do not reflect the views, opinions, policies, or position of the University of the Virgin Islands.

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Episode 1: Indie's World Episode 4, Celeste's Podcast Collections Episode 1,Practice Active Listening, The Health Hustle Episode 1, College Chronicles Episode 1, Sleep Deprivation Is Not Going To Help You Get Good Grades.
Episode 2: Celeste's Podcast Collections Episode 2,Practice Active Listening, Why UVI?, We Want YOU To Graduate, Film W/ a Lil 340 Twistsss, I Haven't Heard Much About WUVI, Creative Arts LLC, Sleep Deprivation.
Episode 3: That's Just Crazy Episode 2 (FM radio broadcast reprise), Celeste's Podcast Collections Episode 3.
Or watch them all!

Join us for WUVI Day!

Join us for WUVI Day, Monday April 17, 2023!