Minor in Caribbean Cultural Studies

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Caribbean Cultural Studies Minor

The Caribbean Cultural Studies minor allows students to convert an interest in the diverse heritage from which the Caribbean identity is forged into a recognized part of their university degrees.  Students will acquire valuable interdisciplinary skills and a renewed appreciation of Caribbean culture, as well as some preparation to meet the increasing demand for international studies or Caribbean cultural ambassadorships.  In addition to the required five core courses, students will complete (with a grade of C or higher) three additional elective courses for a total of 24 credits. The five core courses represent diverse offerings in Geography, History, Literature, Humanities & the Arts, and Intercultural Communication. 


  • All requirements for the minor can be completed on either campus, depending on course availability.  
  • Entry level courses can be completed on either campus and online.

Career options & pathways

  • The Caribbean Cultural Studies Minor will improve participants standing in local, national or international workplaces and raise the profile of the Caribbean.
  • For students who intend to pursue advanced degrees at other institutions, the Caribbean Cultural Studies Minor provides an appropriate background for degrees in history, art history, anthropology, sociology, international and political studies, literature, and so forth.

Student Participants 

  • The primary audience for the Caribbean Cultural Studies minor will be UVI undergraduates.  It will attract students in many areas: humanities, social sciences, education, the creative arts and communication, as well as history, anthropology, and business.
  • The minor in Caribbean Cultural Studies could benefit teachers within the school system by providing them with a degree for professional purposes.
  • Graduate students might also take advantage of the opportunity to enhance their marketability.

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