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Bachelor of Arts in Communication

College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
Department of Liberal Arts
Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Communication is a dynamic, exciting program about messages and technologies and people. The field is home of social media, broadcasting, print media, smart phone communication, computer communication, speech, performance, public relations, new media, photojournalism, television, video, web streaming, rhetoric, desktop publishing, web publishing, digital entrepreneurship and communication with yourself. Our topics are right up-to-the-minute with new technology like Virtual Reality News, and live streaming video.

 It is all about delivering messages to people who need to know your information. The field is one of the most exciting career areas to discover. We know that communication is a critical skill for attaining leadership positions in every field. Good communication is a ticket to success in whatever you do.


.Entry Requirements:

Students interested in completing a degree in the Department of Communication. Art Theatre and Music* must follow entrance requirements for the university. This includes placement tests for English and mathematics. 

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Kimarie Engerman, PhD


Dion Parson

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