Student playing an instrument


College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
Liberal Arts Department
Bachelor of Arts in Music Education

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

Instructors of the Music Education Degree Program work toward the achievement of the following objectives:

  1. to provide excellent and diligent teaching related to the discipline of music
  2. to expose students to the language, pedagogical practices and aesthetic ideas peculiar to the discipline of music
  3. to encourage the study of historical, educational and  theoretical concepts and performance practices related to the discipline and especially to specific areas of concentration of music study at the university
  4. to reinforce methods of learning related to critical analysis and thought within and across all disciplines of study at the university
  5. to instill academic values through the personal and professional commitment to academic excellence at all levels of teaching and learning
  6. to exhibit examples of high ethical behavior that promotes ethical behavior among student participants
  7. to provide students with an exciting atmosphere in which to learn and practice ideals related to the study of the discipline
  8. to make every effort to help students make connections across disciplines and within the discipline of music that will encourage collaborative learning and understandings
  9. to create an atmosphere that encourages continual study, learning and growth
  10. to nurture, encourage and reinforce the students’ ability to ultimately act independently in creative, critical  and interpretive ways

Intended Educational Program Outcomes

The successful graduate will have successfully acquired the ability to:

  1. Exhibit analytical understanding and skill through active learning principles applied across the curriculum course content.
  2. Think critically and creatively.
  3. Construct new knowledge.