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Bachelor of Arts in Music Education

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Bachelor of Arts in Music Education

The Music Education degree program provides an academic canvas whereby students learn to interact with music and the arts through a comprehensive study that leads to the acquisition of the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Education.

Students of the University of the Virgin Islands and Music Education majors are high school graduates that have successfully completed entrance requirements of the university and the Music Education degree program.  University entrance criteria are articulated in the UVI catalog. Students entering the Music Education degree program must successfully complete a music theory placement exam or, if necessary, enroll in the Introduction to Music Theory course (Music 124).  Entrants are also required to schedule an entrance audition before instructors of the Music Education degree program.  The audition and theory placement exam must be scheduled to occur one (1) week before classes begin.

Graduates of the Music Education degree program will have earned the honor to teach within the K-12 arena.  The academic experience provides the opportunity to establish a concentration in piano, voice, steel pan, percussion, and any number of woodwind or brass instruments.

Currently, all the requirements for the degree must be completed on the St. Thomas campus.


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Dean Kimarie Engerman, PhD
Program Director Dion Parson
Administrative Assistant Debbie Joseph