The overall objective of the psychology program is to assist in meeting the increasing manpower needs of the Caribbean in two critical and expanding occupational areas – the delivery of human services and the development, exchange and processing of information.  The specific objectives of the major are two-fold.  The first is to provide the appropriate curriculum and the critical skills that will enable psychology graduates to qualify for entry-level professional positions in human services and information services such as research and the management and analysis of data.  The second is to provide the program’s participants with a multicultural perspective on human perception, thinking and behavior along with the conceptual and practical skills needed to work effectively in multicultural settings.  A comprehensive program provides a solid foundation in the fundamental principles of psychology as well as an insight into the practical work involved in being a psychologist. 

The psychology program is offered on the Albert A. Sheen Campus on St. Croix and the St. Thomas Campus.  UVI offers three degrees in psychology:

For more information about this program contact Drs.  Aletha Baumann and/or Evlyn Carlin