Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree program is intended for students interested in studying the relationship between mental processes and human behavior (influence development, cognition, perception and motivation). 

This program offers three concentrations:

1).  An academic concentration in Psychology offering a comprehensive foundation in the fundamental principles of psychology, with broad introduction to and a multicultural perspective on normal and abnormal human development, cognition, and behavior. This concentration should be selected by persons interested either in continuing on to graduate study in clinical, counseling, developmental, neuropsychology, health or experimental psychology, or in obtaining entry-level professional positions in the workplace after graduation with a B.A. degree, in roles such as information management or administrative positions which will require skills in research and the management and analysis of data.

2). A cross-disciplinary academic concentration in Social Relations, with an emphasis on the analysis of social institutions and social problems across cultures. Students with this concentration may be interested in graduate study in areas other than psychology, such as sociology, criminology or law school, or in obtaining entry-level positions in the workplace after graduation with a B.A. degree in administrative or information management roles.

3). An applied concentration in Human Services (currently in suspension), with a cross-disciplinary focus on human and social problems, and methods of intervention. This concentration should be chosen by students interested in graduate study in Social Work, or in obtaining entry-level positions in human and social service institutions in the U.S. Virgin Islands and the wider Caribbean, in order to provide direct social services to individuals, groups and families under appropriate professional supervision. It should be understood that this concentration does not qualify the student to provide direct social or counseling services independently of supervision. In order to progress in this concentration students must achieve a minimum grade of C (2.0) in the Introduction to Human Services and Field Placement and Seminar courses taken concurrently. Students who fail to achieve these grades may repeat the courses once for credit, or switch to another concentration in Psychology.

The psychology program is offered on the Albert A. Sheen Campus on St. Croix and the St. Thomas Campus. 

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