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Social Work Career Advice

What employment opportunities are available to social work graduates?
Social work focuses on the “person in environment” to work effectively with individuals, families, small groups, organizations and communities. Social work graduates are equipped with knowledge, skills and values essential to working in settings such as:
  • human services
  • criminal & juvenile justice
  • education
  • housing
  • health/mental health
  • child welfare
  • senior citizens programs
Social workers at the undergraduate level are trained in the generalist model of social work, which assures that professional social work skills, values and knowledge can be applied in working with individuals, groups, communities and organizations. The undergraduate curriculum provides a professional social work foundation that is transferable to different settings, population groups and problems areas.  The foundation includes field education which is the signature pedagogy of social work education where the student connects and integrates theory and practice.  Content is also provided on human behavior and the social environment, populations at risk, human and cultural diversity, the professional social worker, research, social and economic justice, social welfare policy and services, social work practice and social work values and ethics.