Office of Self Determination and Constitutional Development

Established to revive the work of the Political Status and Federal Relations Commission of 1988-1994 and the positive aspects of the Fifth Constitution Convention of 2009-2010. The Office of Self-Determination & Constitutional Development is funded through the Technical Assistance, Capital Improvement, and Maintenance Assistance Grant from the US Department of Interior. The Office of Self Determination and Constitutional Development major duties and responsibilities include political status and constitutional education; research and development; mass public education; and complementing activities of the Centennial Commemoration Commission. The Office of Self Determination & Constitutional Development works along with the Centennial Commemoration Commission and other stakeholders to ensure the evolution of self determination during the US Territorial era.

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OSDCD's Areas of Concern:

  • Political Status and Constitution Education;

  • Systems to Promote Self Determination through Research and Evaluation;

  • Mass Public Education, Civic Discourse, and Political Awareness;

  • Present and future activities of the Centennial Commemorative Commission.


By virtue of the commemorations, the Office of Self Determination and Constitutional Development emerges at the most opportune time to revive the process of political development and creating a sustainable economy.  It provides civic education to the entire population. The Office of Self Determination and Constitutional Development is a capacity building initiative that will concretize the relationship that the Virgin Islands has with the United States and ensure mutual benefit.  It assures both the People of the Virgin Islands and Federal Government that there is room for growth and development, even within the current Territorial option.

New Publication from the OSDCD 


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(Simplified) Revised Organic Act of the Virgin Islands 1954 (Click on Image for free pdf copy of the publication)

This publication is designed to raise awareness of the Revised Organic Act of 1954 as amended and its importance. By making it widely available it can become an important resource utilized by the general public, scholars, educational institutions, civic organizations and political bodies, such as a proposed constitutional convention.

Revised Organic Act of 1954

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Project Director Malik Sekou, PhD