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Progression Requirements for Generic and BSN Completion Students

In order to progress in the BSN Program, students must:

  • Earn at least a "C" grade in all nursing courses, except for NUR 104 Drug Dosage Calculation and NUR 433 NCLEX Preparation courses;
  • Earn at least a grade of "A-" in NUR 104: Drug Dosage Calculation and NUR 433:  NCLEX Preparation (BSN Completion students may be exempt from these courses);
  • Score 90% or better by the third attempt on the Drug Dosage Calculation Competency Exam given each semester in the Junior and Senior year. This examination is also required if students are repeating NUR 208 Fundamentals of Nursing;
  • Maintain an overall GPA of "C" (2.0).

Within the School of Nursing, a "C" grade is defined as 75%.  A student may only repeat one nursing course. Students who withdraw from a course are permitted to re-enroll. Students who withdraw failing ("WF") or fail a nursing course are permitted to re-enroll only one time during their tenure in the program. The semester before the failed course will be offered again, the student must register to ensure a place in that course. The second failure of a nursing course results in dismissal from the program.

Returning Students
Students in good standing in the School of Nursing who have an interruption in their nursing education must meet the current admission, progression and graduation requirements and notify the School of Nursing in advance of their desire to return. Returning students are required to meet with their advisor and, if eligible, register during the advisement/registration period to communicate their intent to return to the School of Nursing by midterm of the semester prior to their return. Failure to register in advance means that the student forfeits their opportunity to secure a place in the course(s).