College Business Residency Program


The College Business Residency Program is a collaborative endeavor between the University's School of Business and local business partners. The program is Sponsored by International Capital and Management Company.


The CBRP will become an internationally recognized Center of Excellence for training young minds in the principles and practice of entrepreneurship, business leadership, professionalism and ethics.


The CBRP will motivate young minds to seize opportunities for self-development and mold their attitudes towards business, entrepreneurship and professionalism. In particular, the CBRP will:

  • Immerse participants into the college environment and foster interest in higher education and lifelong learning.
  • Develop and adopt coursework and experiences that would facilitate entrepreneurship, leadership, professionalism and ethical conduct.
  • Expose program participants to the business environment through internships and mentorship's to entrench program values.
  • Maintain contacts with program participants to strengthen commitment and foster continued development.
  • Provide opportunities for participants to interact with UVI clubs and societies.
  • Track participants for six years after completing the program.


  • General Overview of Business and the economy
  • Business Operations
  • Entrepreneurship and the business endeavor
  • Ethics and business practice
  • Professionalism

Developing Tomorrow's Leaders Today