Biology textbook with shells and crabs on display

Student Outcomes Learning Assessment

College of Science & Mathematics
Department of Biological Sciences
Bachelor of Arts in Biology

Student Outcomes Learning Assessment
Program Mission Statement and Objectives

The biology and marine biology program is committed to helping students excel academically and achieve productive careers through programs in academics, research and community service.  Our degree offerings are complemented by hands-on experiences at local and national levels that prepare students for successful, productive postgraduate and professional careers, lifelong learning, scientific research, academic and pedagogical advancement, and outreach to the community.

Program Goals
  1. All students will apply scientific approaches to problem solving.
  2. Students will communicate biological information appropriate to their field of study in written and oral form.
  3. Students will be able to understand and analyze modern biological research within their field of study.
Student Learning Outcomes
  1. Students completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology or Marine Biology will demonstrate breadth of knowledge in their field of study, including key concepts in biology. For example, during the 2014-2015 academic year, seniors' cell and molecular biology knowledge was assessed.
  2. Students completing a Degree in Biology or Marine Biology will competence in key laboratory skills. 
  3. Students completing a Degree in Biology or Marine Biology will use quantitative skills appropriate to their field of study.
Assessment Methods
  • Assessment methods vary from year to year.