A student holding a sea turtle

Graduation Requirements

College of Science & Mathematics
Bachelor of Arts in Marine Biology

Graduation Requirements
Entry level courses can be completed on either campus, but degree must be completed on St. Thomas campus.
B. Required Courses in Biology and Marine Biology (45 credit hours):    Credits
BIO 141-142 General Biology I-II 4-4
MBI 220 Marine Invertebrate Zoology 5
MBI 222  Ichthyology  4
BIO 223 Ecology 4
MSC 239 Oceanography  4
BIO 245  Genetics 4
BIO 349 Aquatic Plant Biology 4
BIO 360 Cell and Molecular Biology I 4
MBI 365 Junior Biology Seminar 2
MBI 424 Marine Ecology 4
MBI 497 Senior Science Seminar I  1
SCI 497 or MBI 498 Interdisciplinary Sr Sem or Sr Sem II 1
C. Required Courses in Related Fields (22-24 credit hours): 
CHE 151-152 General Chemistry I-II 5-5
MAT 241 Introduction to Calculus and Analytical Geometry I 4
MAT 245 Statistics for the Life Sciences   4
PHY 211-212* Introduction to Physics I-II 4-4
PHY 241-242  General Physics 5-5
D.   The following are strongly recommended for students intending to pursue graduate studies:
Mathematics 241-242 Introduction to Calculus and Analytical Geometry I-II
Chemistry 253-254 Organic Chemistry I-II 

*MAT 153 is the prerequisite for physics. Therefore, marine biology majors will also take MAT 153.

Other Requirements:

  • By the end of the sophomore year, students must submit a study plan with the help of their advisor.
    • The study plan must be approved by the faculty of the Biology Program
    • Any change in the study plan must be approved by the advisor.
    • The study plan is a prerequisite to enrolling in Junior Biology Seminar.