Students in Chemistry Lab

Graduation Requirements

College of Science and Mathematics
Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences
Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry

Entry level courses can be completed on either campus, but degree must be completed on St. Thomas campus.

Required Chemistry Courses

  • CHE 151-152 General Chemistry I-II
  • CHE 251 Quantitative Analysis
  • CHE 252 Instrumental Analysis
  • CHE 253-254 Organic Chemistry I-II
  • CHE 341-342 Physical Chemistry I-II
  • CHE 397, 398 Junior Science Seminar I, II
  • CHE 432 Inorganic Chemistry
  • CHE 497, 498 Senior Science Seminar I, II

Required Mathematics Courses

  • MAT 143-153 Precalculus Algebra and Trigonometry (student may place out of these courses)
  • MAT 241-242 Introduction to Calculus and Analytical Geometry I-II
  • MAT 341-342 Intermediate Calculus I-II

Required Physics Courses

  • PHY 241-242 General Physics I-II

The following courses are strongly recommended

  • CHE 348 Biochemistry
  • CHE 465, 466 Selected Topics in Chemistry
  • CHE 495 Directed Independent Research
  • MAT 441-442 Advanced Calculus

Other Requirements

  • Diagnostic of Undergraduate Chemical Knowledge (DUCK) exam is given to graduating seniors.