Computer Lab

Graduation Requirements

College of Science & Mathematics
Department of Computer & Computational Sciences
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Graduation Requirements
Prospective Students should be aware that all requirements for the degree can be completed on either campus.

All requirements for the degree can be completed on either campus. 

  • Required courses in Computer Science:
    • CSC 117 Introduction to Programming I
    • CSC 118 Introduction to Programming II
    • CSC 241 Introduction to Computer Architecture and Digital Systems
    • CSC 242 Data Structures
    • CSC 243 Digital Communications and Networks
    • CSC 245 Databases and Information Retrieval
    • CSC 310 Web Applications Development
    • CSC 333 Programming Languages
    • CSC 397, 398 Junior Science Seminar I, II
    • CSC 410 Principles of Operating Systems
    • CSC 420 Software Engineering
    • CSC 497, 498* Senior Science Seminar I, II
  • An additional 15 credits chosen from 200-400 level elective courses in CSC, MAT, BIO,CHE, PHY, or CIS. No more than six of the elective credits can come from outside of CSC. Any 200-level credits must come from the College of Science and Mathematics, are limited to a total of six credits, and may not include MAT 232. A maximum of three credits of CSC 496 (Internship/Field Studies) can be applied to this elective requirement.
  • Required courses in Mathematics:
    • MAT 215 Introduction to Number Theory
    • MAT 233 Discrete Mathematics
    • MAT 235 Introductory Statistics with Applications
    • MAT 241 Introduction to Calculus and Analytical Geometry I
    • MAT 242 Introduction to Calculus and Analytical Geometry II
    • MAT 261 Linear Algebra
  • One of the following Science sequences is required:
    • BIO 141-142 General Biology I-II
    • CHE 151-152 General Chemistry I-II
    • PHY 241-242 General Physics I-II
  • Passing score on the English Proficiency Examination
  • Passing score on the Computer Literacy Examination