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Graduation Requirements

College of Science & Mathematics
Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

Graduation Requirements
Prospective Students should be aware that entry level courses can be completed on either campus, but degree must be completed on St. Thomas campus.

Required courses in Mathematics
MAT 215 Introduction to Number Theory
MAT 241-242 Introduction to Calculus I-II
MAT 261 Linear Algebra
MAT 341-342 Intermediate Calculus I-II
MAT 362 Abstract Algebra I
MAT 397-398 Junior Math Seminars
MAT 441 Introductory Analysis I
MAT 497-498 Senior Math Seminars
Six Elective Courses from the following
MAT 233 Discrete Mathematics
MAT 301 Modern Geometry
MAT 332 Mathematical Statistics
MAT 344 Probability
MAT 346 Differential Equations
MAT 386 History & Philosophy of Mathematics
MAT 352 Mathematical Modeling
MAT 325 Numerical Analysis
MAT 348 Complex Variables
MAT 442 Introductory Analysis II
MAT 458 Topology
MAT 461 Abstract Algebra II
MAT 465-466  Special Topics
 MAT 499 Approved Independent Study
One approved upper level course in another discipline