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Administration & Finance

Preserving the University of the Virgin Islands Financial Integrity

The Administration and Finance component provides support services for the University of the Virgin Islands through leadership, oversight of business and financial services, and management and stewardship of capital development, fiscal resources and human resources.

The Administration and Finance Component consists of the following departments:  

The Administration and Finance component is headed up by Vice President Shirley Lake-King , a Certified Government Financial Manager, who also serves as the University's Chief Financial Officer.  V.P. Lake-King's office is located in Room 315 on the third floor of the Administration and Conference Center (ACC) on the University's St. Thomas campus.  Her office may be reached via telephone (340-693-1400).

For more information on the services provided by and organizational structure of the Administration and Finance Component please refer to our Service Charter  and Service Charter Brochure. 

For information on the University's financial policies please refer to the Financial Policies (Approved by Board of Trustees on June 9, 2012).

For guidance in processing DocuSign documents please refer to our new DocuSign Procedures (Updated August 2021).


Our mission is to facilitate the business and financial services of the University with internal and external customers; to provide support to students, faculty, and staff; and to develop, manage, deliver and enhance the administrative and financial services that enable the University to achieve its mission.


Administration and Finance will provide accurate and timely financial information; be recognized as a partner in advancing the mission and vision of the University; enable the campus community to successfully fulfill its financial responsibilities; promote open communication and collaborative relationships with our customers; foster a supportive and caring environment; and respond and adapt to a changing financial environment.

Goals and Objectives

  • Continuously improve the financial and facilities management services we provide to students, faculty, staff and external constituents.
  • Seek the greatest advantages in the application of technology for budgeting, financial reporting, benefits administration, procurement, human resources, and professional development.
  • Maintain a quality workforce and work environment.
  • Ensure all capital development projects meet the goals of the University, are completed on time, within budget, and with high design and construction quality.
  • Create and disseminate quality information for planning, budgeting, management and accountability.

Contact Information

 Ms. Kima Gaton-Enrique
T: 340-693-1400

F: 340-693-1405