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Note: see duties and responsibilities outlined in the UVI BYLAWS Article VI - Committees

Academic Research and Student Affairs
Responsibilities [UVI By-Laws, Article VI, Section 1(b)]: "The Academic and Student Affairs Committee shall review and recommend programs and personnel policies integral to fulfilling the academic mission of the University and assuring high quality student life."

Audit Committee
Responsibilities [UVI By-Laws, Article VI, Section 1(h)]: "The Audit Committee shall assist the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities re: ensuring the integrity of the University's annual financial statements; its compliance with legal and regulatory requirements; oversight and direction of the internal audit function; coordination of engagements with the external auditor whom the committee may employ, and engagements with the internal, local and federal auditors; oversight of the University's internal control structure and management practices; as well as monitoring of compliance with University's policies and procedures."

Buildings and Grounds
Responsibilities [UVI By-laws, Article VI, Section 1(c)]: "The Capital Development Committee [Buildings and Grounds Committee] shall provide broad oversight responsibility for the University's capital development program, land, buildings, and equipment."

Development Committee
Responsibilities [UVI By-Laws, Article VI, Section 1(d)]: "The Development Committee shall provide guidance and have oversight responsibility for the University's operations that are under the direction and guidance of the Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Community Development, including long-term fund-raising, annual gift giving, alumni affairs, and public relations.

Three non- Board Members are appointed to this Committee because of their involvement in Development. The Chair of the Annual Fund, a Member of the Foundation for UVI and the Chair of the Capital Campaign

Executive Committee
Responsibilities [UVI By-Laws, Article VI, Section 1(a)]: Presided over by the Board Chair and the Vice Chair, the Executive Committee shall consist of the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary of the Board and the Chairs of all standing committees. It shall (i) ensure that the Board fulfills its responsibility; (ii) oversee the University's planning process; (iii) Monitor the President's performance and (iv) act on behalf of the full Board in emergencies.

Finance and Budget Committee
Responsibilities [UVI By-Laws, Article VI, Section 1(e)]: "The Finance and Budget Committee shall be responsible for: (i) overseeing current financial operations and results; and (ii) ensuring that a viable long range financial plan for the University is in place and periodically updated."

Governance Committee 
Responsibilities [UVI By-Laws, Article VI, Section 1(g): " The Governance Committee shall ensure that the Board's membership and leadership consists of highly qualified and committed individuals of new trustees and in-service education are maintained; and periodically recommend initiatives by which the Board shall assess its performance."

Planning Committee
Responsibilities [UVI By-Laws, Article VI, Section 1(f)]: "The Planning Committee shall ensure that the University engages in continuous long range and strategic planning in fulfilling its mission."