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Policy & Guidelines

Eligibility Requirements
The following are eligibility requirements governing student participation in UVI study abroad programs.

Minimum Age
The Office of Global Engagement does not permit applicants under the age of 18 to participate in fall or spring semester study abroad programs.

Class Standing
To participate in a UVI affiliated semester study abroad program, students must have at least sophomore standing at the time of participation in the program. Junior class-standing may be required for some programs. (Please check with the Office of Global Engagement for more information.)

Grade Point Average
To apply to a UVI-affiliated semester study abroad program, students must at least meet the GPA requirement of the partner institution at the time they apply for the program. Students should check the minimum GPA program requirements before applying. Students participating in a UVI sponsored summer study abroad program must be in good academic standing at the time they apply for the program.

Academic Background
Students must be in good academic standing at the time of application as well as during the term they wish to participate in a study abroad program. Students will not be eligible to participate in a study abroad program if:

  1. they are on scholastic probation at the time of application; or
  2. they are placed on scholastic probation at the end of the term prior to their intended study abroad

Program Specific Requirements
Some study abroad programs have requirements in addition to class standing and minimum GPA. These requirements may include: a minimum level of proficiency in a foreign language, specific course pre-requisites, approval from a UVI academic advisor and study abroad program director.

Full-Time Enrollment While Studying Abroad
Students must be enrolled full-time while participating in a UVI semester-long study abroad program. Students participating in UVI-affiliated semester programs must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 semester units while abroad.

Full Participation in Study Abroad Program
In order to be accepted into a study abroad program, students must agree to participate in the entire program (all class sessions and program-related activities of the study abroad program) and satisfy all UVI admission and course requirements.

Conduct Background and Clearance
The Office of Global Engagement collaborates with the Office of Student Affairs to review the conduct records of all UVI students applying to the programs and reserves the right to deny acceptance to students who have problematic or questionable conduct histories. Students must be clear of any conduct probation prior to participating in any study abroad program and probationary terms cannot coincide with the intended study abroad. Additionally, students who have "pending" conduct issues/hearing in the Office of Student Affairs MUST resolve these issues/hearings PRIOR to participating in a study abroad program.  Failure to resolve these conduct issues/hearings prior to the program start date will make students ineligible to participate in the program and their application will be withdrawn.  All students will have their student conduct record reviewed the semester prior to the intended study abroad term.

Any student with a conduct record that is cause for concern will be contacted directly by the Office of Global Engagement. Such students will be required to sign a Conduct Contract. It is in the student's best interest to immediately notify the Office of Global Engagement if any conduct infraction occurs prior to departure. Students who are deemed ineligible to participate in a study abroad program will be withdrawn from the program and will be required to pay any fees associated with their withdrawal (program deposit, program fee, etc.)

Encumbrances placed on a student's records by UVI, e.g., by Admissions, Student Financial Services, Student Accounts, Registrar, Health Services, Parking Services, UVI Libraries, etc., must be cleared before a student can be granted admission to any study abroad program.

Minimum Attendance at UVI For Transfer Students
Students who transfer to the University of the Virgin Islands must have successfully completed at least one full semester at UVI before they are eligible to participate in a semester-long study abroad program.

Students not meeting the above requirements as per their desired program are encouraged to discuss special approval with the Office of Global Engagement, PRIOR TO APPLYING.

Program Enrollment - Terms & Conditions
The Office of Global Engagement (OGE) accepts students to study abroad programs on a rolling basis.

Overview of Study Abroad Enrollment Process
When students submit an application for a study abroad program, their default application status is "Pending". During this time, students will need to complete the requirements listed in their UVI Study Abroad application package.  After these preliminary requirements have been completed, they will be prompted by their study abroad advisor to initiate the study abroad enrollment process. 

There are three steps in the study abroad enrollment process within which students will be prompted to complete certain requirements. These steps including a description of the requirements within each step are detailed below: 

  • Step 1: Confirmation/Activation Required - After students' pending applications have been reviewed by the study abroad advisors, students will need to activate their application by confirming that they acknowledge and understand UVI's study abroad policies. Students are responsible for all costs associated with their participation in the program per the Refund Policy. In order to move to Step 2 of the application process, students are required to complete this important component.
  • Step 2: Application Active/Review by UVI & Partner Institution - Students must complete all requirements (material submissions, questionnaires) by any established deadline. Failure to complete the application requirements by the deadline may result in the withdrawal of an application.

NOTE: Once students have activated their application, they are held to all UVI study abroad policies are responsible for all costs associated with their participation in the program

***Semester Programs Only: The partner institution abroad runs a parallel process to review applications and your study abroad advisor will update your application status accordingly. When you are admitted by UVI but have not yet been admitted by the partner institution, your status be listed as “Admitted by UVI; Partner Admission Pending”. 

  • Step 3: Program Enrollment - When students have met all eligibility requirements, completed all application materials, and have been admitted by the partner institutions (semester programs only); they are now confirmed to study abroad.  Therefore, they can proceed to purchase flights.  It is highly recommended that students purchase flight insurance to protect them in the event that they are not able to participate in the study abroad program (due to an emergency, if they become ineligible, etc.).  

Academic Considerations

Course Eligibility
As part of the semester application process, students complete a Program/Course Approval Form where they list the preferred classes they would like to take as well as alternatives. Students must list alternative courses as a precautionary measure so that they will have options in the event that a preferred course is not available upon arrival abroad. Academic advisors review course selections and approve students to take the course listed by signing the Program Approval Form. Please note: Students are ONLY approved to take the courses listed on the Program Approval Form. If class schedules change while abroad it is the students' responsibility to inform their academic advisor and their study abroad advisor. If students do not inform these offices there is a chance that no credit will be given for courses not listed on the Program/Course Approval Form.

Course Pre-Requisites
It is the students’ responsibility to review ALL course pre-requisites in the Undergraduate Bulletin before enrolling in a course abroad.

Students should note the following:

  • The Office of Global Engagement adheres to pre-requisites as determined by each academic department at UVI.
  • If a study abroad course has a UVI course equivalent with a pre-requisite (which is outlined on the Pre-Approved Course List or in the Undergraduate Bulletin), students are required to meet this pre-requisite prior to taking the course. No exceptions.
  • If students enroll in a course without meeting the pre-requisite(s), the course will not transfer back to UVI.

Approving Courses for Credit
Each course taken abroad is carefully reviewed by a UVI Department Chair to determine course transferability. In determining the courses students would like to take abroad (and list on their Program Approval Form where their academic advisor approves them), students should do the following:

  • Refer to the host institution’s website for a list of courses that are offered during the term they wish to study abroad.

To initiate the course review process, students need to contact the appropriate Global Engagement Advisor AND his/her Academic Advisor to inform him/her of the class (es) for which they are seeking evaluation.

NOTE: Completion of these steps does not guarantee course approval. All affiliated courses must meet UVI standards. UVI credit will not be granted for non-approved courses.

Tuition Remission/Tuition Exchange
Tuition remission may be used for select study abroad programs. Tuition remission is an employee benefit, and thus is processed with Human Resources. Tuition exchange is also managed through Human Resources and this benefit can also be applied toward select semester study abroad programs. Unlike the tuition remission benefit, the tuition exchange benefit cannot be applied toward intersession or summer study abroad programs.

Short-Term Programs
The tuition remission benefit can be used toward the tuition portion of some short-term programs. Students are responsible for the program fee. This is program by program.

Refund Policy

Withdrawing from a Study Abroad Program 

All students enrolled in a study abroad program are responsible for the withdrawal policies outlined below.  All cancellations MUST BE SUBMITTED IN WRITING via EMAIL to the Study Abroad Advisor for the program from which the student wishes to cancel.  

Refunds are issued only on recoverable costs and only after written notice of withdrawal is received by the Study Abroad Advisor.  No refunds will be issued 10 days after arrival.

Appeals for partial refunds will be considered only in cases of serious illness or emergency. These are handled on a case-by-case basis and will require additional documentation.  Appeals should to be submitted in writing to the Office of Global Engagement.

Refund Schedule for Semester Programs 

Tuition & Program Fee: Tuition and program fee refunds for funds paid to the host institution will be processed according to the refund policies of the host institution or university/partner/on-site provider (including housing agencies, hotels and tour operators).  Refunds are issued only on recoverable costs and only after written notice of withdrawal from the program is received by the appropriate Study Abroad Advisor.  Students are responsible for all non-recoverable costs incurred by UVI. 

PLEASE NOTE: Students are held to the Refund Schedule for Semester Programs and are responsible for all fees associated with their participation in the program as soon as their application has been activated.

Students who pay expenses directly to a third party (other than UVI) must abide by the refund policy of that third party provider (ex: housing agency or tour operator).  

Study Abroad Application Process


How to Apply

  1. Make sure eligibility requirements are met.  It is the students’ responsibility to ensure that they meet the eligibility requirements.
  2. Go to a General Information Session.
  3. Meet with an International Studies Abroad Advisor.
  4. Meet with an Academic Advisor.  Students should meet with their academic advisor as before making decisions about where and when to study abroad. Academic advisor will be able to assist students in determining the type of courses needed while abroad, the term that might be best to go abroad based on your graduation requirements and current schedule, and .
  5. Apply to a study abroad program.
  6. Complete the Application Process.

Please keep in mind that you are responsible for meeting application deadlines. Please read and follow all instructions carefully.

Deadlines are firm and you must submit all pre-decision application pieces in order for your application to be reviewed.