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WOW Campaign

WOW Customer Service!

Wow Customer Service is an invigorating philosophy that is spreading across all the components and departments of the University of the Virgin Islands. This is an opportunity for all employees of UVI to refresh their service delivery style and refocus on the customer to ensure that every person that comes in contact with UVI will have a positive memorable experience.

What is the WOW Campaign all about? Find out more at the "WOW  Newsletter - 4th Quarter."

Listen to "WOW Customer Service Talk" @UVICES Weekly Radio Show  through soundcloud. For a transcribed written version check our pdf.


The goal is to transform the university environment to a service-oriented culture where each person delivers high quality, friendly, customer-focused service that is always more than expected or necessary. It is our hope that every employee will manifest a positive and helpful attitude when dealing with external and internal customers, and most importantly our students. On our journey to greatness UVI will become the model organization and leader in the Territory in the area of customer service. We will help to transform service delivery in the Territory by first transforming our service culture.

Wow Service Principles

In delivering our services, we should always remember the following principles:

  • I will keep my work area in a professional manner.
  • I will respond in a timely manner to issues that are within my purview.
  • I will treat each person’s concern as if it were my own.
  • I will research and resolve issues in line with stated policies and procedures of the university.
  • I will be knowledgeable of institutional policies and practices, or work to become so.
  • I will communicate with all persons in a professional manner, written or oral.
  • I will seek innovative and responsive solutions.
  • I will work to improve the UVI experience for all with whom I come in contact, internal and external.
  • I will seek ways to continuously upgrade my abilities.
  • I will work with the customers to determine the entity to which an issue is to be transferred, and will connect the customer with that entity in a personal way.

Tom Hewlett's Wow Customer Service Workshop

Tom Hewlett's WOW Customer Service Workshop