ACC Building

Strategic Plan 2000-2005 - Lessons Learned

Broadened responsibilities and inclusion for enhanced communication, decision making, and integration of ideas and perspectives

Discovered the necessity of improvement and integration of our systems and processes to achieve goals and objectives

Gained awareness of limitations created by our current capacity challenges and necessity of training employees to build institutional capacity. Capacity refers to the level of output or productivity in terms of personnel, expertise/skills, financial resources, and/or infrastructure required to support the University's mission.

Discovered the cost requirements necessary to implement strategic thrusts
  • Outside expertise
  • Time and effort
Collected more data and performed more thorough analysis

Reached out to new partners and found new methodologies to achieve outcomes

Learned to work cross-functionally to identify and actualize accountability throughout the institution

Recognized the necessity of investing our resources in an integrated, performance-based planning system

Understood more fully the ongoing nature of implementing select Strategic Thrusts
  • Program quality
  • Financial diversity