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Vision 2012

2012 Spotlights
  • The Board of Trustees approved the VISION 2012 Strategic Plan Framework on March 11, 2006. VISION 2012 culminates in 2012 on the University's 50th anniversary.
  • We will pursue ways of creating an engaging, student-centered environment that promotes school spirit and institutional pride.
  • Student success can only come with increased retention and graduation rates,
  • which we will focus on during this strategic plan period.
  • Our increased communications capacity will serve us well as we seek to increase annual giving targets and insure capital campaign objectives are appropriately linked to institutional, student, and academic needs.
  • We value learning and scholarship for our students, our employees and the community. We recognize the importance of personal growth and seek to continuously learn as an organization while being responsive to our changing environment.
  • Integral to UVI's strength, our core values embody the principles, ideals, and beliefs of students, faculty, staff, administrators, and trustees. They form the foundation for all that we do.
  • We promote the growth and development of faculty and staff through ongoing training and professional activities. We advocate high standards of performance for students, faculty and staff while creating a supportive environment that encourages individual and group success.
  • As our first core value states - students first. That overarching commitment compels us to seek ever-higher degrees of excellence for our students. As part of VISION 2012, UVI will offer high quality outcomes-based academic programs that are flexible and responsive.
  • Over the next several years, we will reward superior performance and foster individual and group success through advancement of compensation strategies and investment in training, professional development, and cross-functional activities.
  • For UVI to continue to develop its capacity as a leading institutional resource for the Caribbean and provide outstanding educational opportunities for the communities we serve, we will need to be a nimble and fiscally sound operation.
  • UVI is committed to serving the U.S. Virgin Islands with programs and resources designed to strengthen both the University and the Territory. We will continue addressing critical issues for improving public education in the Territory through our work with the Virgin Islands Department of Education.
  • We believe optimal results are best achieved by collaborating with employees to solve problems and reach solutions. We advocate planning and joint goal setting to advance the mission and vision of the University.
  • Good communication depends on good information flow, and is part of our effort to improve our institutional systems. To that end, we will be enhancing the University-wide information and data flow by upgrading internal communications infrastructure systems.
  • Over the next several years, we plan to accredit all of our professional programs and develop internal standards to assess the quality of programs consistent with best practices. We will increase enrollment by enhancing recruitment, registration, and enrollment related services.
  • To make this a more "customer-focused" institution, we will work to enhance customer service delivery and improve operational results through redesigning administrative and educational processes.
  • We will assess and enter markets for UVI products and services that might have the potential to provide significant new revenue. To meet internal and external demands, institutional goals and cost reductions, we will implement improved financial management systems.
  • We will enhance the quality and relevancy of community-oriented programs through increased collaboration with education, business, health, human services, art, labor, and other community sectors.