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Vision 2012 Framework


VISION 2012: transforming our future outlines the goals, objectives and priorities necessary for the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI) to become an exceptional U.S. institution of higher education in the Caribbean.

As UVI's third strategic plan, VISION 2012 focuses on implementing a variety of initiatives that will improve student success, promote institutional excellence, and enhance the social and economic interests of the Territory.

Over the next seven years (2006-2012), the University will become stronger, more responsive, and more competitive as a result of focusing its resources and energies, and reaffirming its commitment to realizing greater institutional effectiveness and improved performance, significant academic enhancement, improved systems and processes, expanded educational opportunities for students, faculty and staff, higher enrollments, and as much financial growth and development as possible. This will be accomplished by centering the collective efforts of the University on four strategic areas of focus:
  • Educational Excellence,
  • Institutional Improvement,
  • Financial Sustainability, and
  • Community Engagement.
The realization of these strategic focus areas, combined with the mission, vision and core values as expressed in VISION 2012, provide institutional focus and direction and serve as an organizational blueprint for the continuous transformation of the University of the Virgin Islands through 2012.


UVI's vision statement describes what the University wants to be in the future and publicly declares expected outcomes. Developed with broad institutional support, UVI's vision is responsive to the University's dynamic environment and articulates what the institution seeks to become within the context of its mission, as stipulated by the Middle States Commission in Higher Education.

The University of the Virgin Islands will be an exceptional U.S. institution of higher education in the Caribbean dedicated to student success, committed to excellence, and pledged to enhancing the social and economic transformation of the U.S. Virgin Islands.