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Vision 2012 Core Values

Core Values
UVI's strength lies in a value system that embodies the principles, ideals and beliefs of its students, faculty, staff, administrators, and trustees, and forms the foundation for UVI's actions. These ten values reveal what UVI strives to become as a University and are essential to ensuring the fulfillment of UVI's mission and vision.

UVI values...
Students First. Students are our most important stakeholders. We value student-centered learning and a campus climate that promotes school spirit. We believe putting students first bolsters enrollment and retention, and responding effectively to student needs promotes satisfaction and commitment to the University.

Learning and Scholarship. We value learning and scholarship for our students, our employees and the community. We recognize the importance of personal growth and seek to continuously learn as an organization while being responsive to our changing environment.

Excellence. We value excellence in all we do. We are committed to upholding high academic standards and providing a nurturing and supportive educational environment. We continuously seek opportunities for improvement.

Teamwork. Teamwork and accountability are essential to achieving institutional goals and objectives. We promote the growth and development of faculty and staff through ongoing training and professional activities. We advocate high standards of performance for students, faculty and staff while creating a supportive environment that encourages individual and group success.

Collegiality and Shared Governance. We believe that students, faculty and staff are partners with the administration in decision making. We believe students, faculty and staff stakeholders should be active participants in any proposed institutional change.

Inclusiveness of Ideas. We value mutual respect for everyone, expressed through fairness and equitable treatment. We embrace multiculturalism and recognize the unique contributions of all people. We value open communication and the candid exchange of thoughts and opinions.

Principled Leadership. We believe optimal results are best achieved by collaborating with employees to solve problems and reach solutions. We advocate planning and joint goal setting to advance the mission and vision of the University.

Supporting Our Community. As members of the University, we have a shared responsibility to support our local community through enthusiastic, responsible service. We value our University and encourage the active participation of everyone through cooperation and communication.

Effective Use of Technology. We view technology as a tool to enhance teaching and learning and to improve the effectiveness of our educational and administrative processes.

Equitable Reward System. We support a performance-based system that recognizes and values the contributions of all employees. We value equal opportunity and upward mobility for everyone.