4-H Volunteer Leaders


The strength of 4-H comes from the power that volunteers and parents have to positively impact the lives of young people. 4-H volunteer leaders and parents partner to assist and support youth as they gain knowledge, master new skills, and strive to reach their fullest potential and become caring, contributing, compassionate young leaders in their communities.


All children need encouragement and support from their parent or guardian to get them started in 4-H and to keep them involved in the program through their teens and into high school. You can help by:

  • Sharing: Take interest in your child's 4-H work. Look, listen and offer suggestions. Avoid temptation to "take over" and do things yourself
  • Preparing: Help your child value completing project work, duties and presentations on time. Encourage them to do their best.
  • Caring: Support your child's participation and help them abide by the policies set by the 4-H Program.
  • Being There: Parents are an important part of the 4-H experience. Attend meetings and activities with your child. Lend a hand where and when you can. Volunteer!


4-H is FUN!!!
Most people volunteer for 4-H because they enjoy working with kids
To make a positive contribution to our young people.
So that a you can impact a young person's future and help shape it by providing the opportunity young people to have a positive relationship with an adult in a safe, secure, fun and educational setting provided through 4-H.
To obtain UVI Cooperative Extension Service in youth and leadership development.
For your personal growth and development in skill areas pertaining to 4-H projects you are interested in, leadership and teaching strategies, and organization.


Contact your district 4-H office to find out what clubs, groups or projects are active on your island. Inform the 4-H staff of your interest in volunteering with 4-H. Let them know what areas of expertise or interests you are willing to share with young people.

Remember, no previous experience is necessary. As a volunteer you will receive additional training to prepare you for your leadership experience. Just bring your desire to have fun and learn together with young people as a club.

4-H is actively recruiting enthusiastic parents, grandparents, neighbors, community leaders and other older youth and adults who enjoy working with young people and want to give back to their community. There is a wide array of opportunities to become involved. You can volunteer to:

Organize a community or school-based 4-H club
Lead a 4-H project group
Be a member of a 4-H project development committee or advisory group
Agree to serve on a 4-H or other CES council
Chair an event or activity committee such as 4-H Project Expo
Assist at a camp, fair, judging or other 4-H event
Teach 4-H after school or school enrichment programs
Coordinate fundraising activities
Or in many other ways.

For more information and resources to help you prepare for your volunteer role, please contact your Extension 4-H office.