Pesticide Safety Education Program (PSEP)

We provide training on the proper use of pesticides, give exams, and recommend individuals for certification.  The Department of Planning and Natural Resources issues Certified Pesticide Applicator IDs.  Our PSEP follows criteria and receives funding from the Office of Pesticide Programs, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

March 22 – Industrial Institutional Structural and Health
March 26 – Exams, half day 9:00-12:00*see below
April 19 – Right of Way 
April 9  - Ornamental and Turf
Apr 14 – Examshalf day 9:00-12:00*see below
April 19 – Right of Way
Apr 21 – Examshalf day 9:00-12:00*see below 

*If you want to take an Exam, let me know which Exam (CORE, IISH, PH, OT, APP, ROW).
Exams begin at 9:00am
Trainings begin at 8:30am.

ST. CROIX campus: NWW 102-103
Just west of the Great Hall, across from the outdoor restrooms.

ST. THOMAS campus: TED 213
The room is located on 2nd floor of TED (Teacher’s Education Building), upper STT campus, near the library. The TED building is located after the Science & Math building.

Parking is available upper campus in this location as well, you will see it as they drive up. Parking is also available behind the library.

Contact if further directions are needed: 693-1466 or Shawn at 693-1373.

Exams & Trainings are FREE. You must PRE-REGISTER by emailing ( or calling (340-692-4052), leave a message.

Private Applicators

A private applicator is a certified pesticide applicator who may purchase and use General Use Pesticides (GUP) or Restricted Use Pesticides (RUP) on plants or animals produced on property owned or rented by him/her or his/her employer or (if applied without compensation other than trading or services between producers of these plants or animals) on the property of another person.

Commercial Applicators

A Commercial Applicator is a certified pesticide applicator who may purchase and use GUPs or RUPs for any purpose on any property other than a Private Applicator.

Certification for Private and Commercial Applicators requires the passing (a score of at least 75%) of the exams for the Core Course and the category course for which they wish  to be certified in.  Applicators are certified in one or more categories which determine the exact purpose and location where they may use the pesticides.

Currently, the pesticide categories are as follows:

  • Core Course – basic knowledge required of all pesticide applicators in all categories
  • Agricultural Plant Pest Control - application of pesticides to agricultural crops
  • Agricultural Animal Pest Control – application of pesticides to animals such as cattle, horses, poultry, and the structures in which they are kept
  •  Ornamental and Turf Pest Control – application of pesticides in the maintenance and production of ornamental trees, shrubs, flowers, and turf
  • Industrial, Institutional, and Structural Pest Control – pesticide applications for the protection of stored products as well as in structures such as schools, hospitals, residences, warehouses, and adjacent areas (public or private)
  • Public Health Pest Control – control measures government employees in public health programs
  • Right-of-Way Vegetation Management – herbicide applications for commercial applicators interested in managing weeds and other problem plants

Of particular concern among potential negative environmental impacts by the application of pesticides are the effects of pesticides on the Territory’s water quality and on its endangered and threatened animals and plants.

The right selection and correct application of pesticides, general use or restricted, organic or conventional, is important in programs such as Sustainable Agriculture, Urban Gardening, and in Integrated Pest Management programs in general. 

The Core Course is offered quarterly in both the St. Croix and the St. Thomas/St. John districts.  Category courses and workshops are offered in each district as demand dictates.  Courses are advertised on this website, in the local newspapers, and through an email listserv.  Courses and exams are free of charge.  Core course manuals can be downloaded for free here (large download).  Category manuals can be purchased here or from the PSEP Director for $50.  Course lecture materials are provided via paper handouts or a DVD. 

The Director for the U.S. Virgin Islands PSEP is Dr. Amy J. Dreves. Dr. Dreves has extensive knowledge and a diverse experience in agricultural structural, ornamental and turf, and public health pest management, and Pest Management in North America, West Indies, Thailand, and Africa.  You can reach her for questions about courses and certification at or 340-692-4052.

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