Computer Training Courses & Workshops

Hands-On Computer & Technology Training for Everyone!

St. Croix Campus Trainings:
PowerPoint, Excel. Basic Computer, Intermediate Computer

  • Beginning PowerPoint Workshop
  • Intermediate PowerPoint Workshop
  • Beginning Excel Workshop
  • Intermediate Excel Workshop
  • Basic Computer 7-week Training
  • Usefulness of Internet 4-hour Workshops
  • Receiving and Making Calls
  • Receiving and Sending Texts
  • Receiving and Sending Emails
  • Adding/Locating/Editing Contacts
  • Using Calendar, Calculator & Notes
  • Taking pictures
  • Data vs. WiFi
  • Adding/Removing Apps
  • Using WhatsApp and/or Skype
  • Using Search Engines
  • Setting up Email (Checking, Sending, Attaching, Deleting)
  • Accessing Facebook
  • Using Messenger
  • Basic or Intermediate Computer (6 weeks)
  • Usefulness of Internet Workshop (1 day)
  • Usefulness of Social Media Workshop (1 day)
  • PowerPoint Workshop (3 days)
  • Excel Workshop (6 days)
  • Smart/Mobile Device Workshop* (Contact for the next working group)

***Maximum: 10-15 persons per session (RSVP via email/phone) Registration is required and must be confirmed

Basic and Intermediate Computer Training Courses

  • Basic Computer Class (Hardware, Software, Windows Operating System, MS Word, Internet, Gmail)
  • Intermediate Computer Class (Continuation of Basic with More Application)

St. Croix Computer Training Classes and Workshops will be conducted at the UVICES Office/Research and Extension Building, St. Croix campus.
St. Croix Contact:

St. Thomas Computer Training Classes and Workshops will be conducted at the UVICES Office - New House Building, St. Thomas campus.
St. Thomas/St. John Contact: