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Computer Literacy Exam (CLE)

Computer Literacy Requirement
The University believes that all students must be familiar with computer concepts and the use of computers in order to work effectively in today’s high-technology world. Therefore, all matriculating students must fulfil the Computer Literacy Requirement before they graduate.  Students who have a Bachelor degree or higher are exempt from the Computer Literacy Requirement. All other exceptions to this requirement must be approves by the School of Business Dean.

To fulfil the Computer Literacy Requirement, students must pass the computer Literacy Examination, which is administered on both the Albert A. Sheen campus on St. Croix and the St. Thomas campus.  Students should contact the School of Business to obtain additional dates and register for the examination. Students may choose to enroll in CIS 051 or CIS 021 to prepare for the examination; however, enrollment in these courses is not required to take the examination and completion of these courses does not fulfil the Computer Literacy Requirement.

Students to whom this requirement applies and who fail to meet the requirement must register in CIS 051 concurrently with their required courses. CIS 051 includes preparation for and the administration of the Computer Literacy Examination. Students who fail to pass CIS 051 must continue to register in the course every semester until they successfully pass the Computer Literacy Examination. Completion of CSC 111, CIS 021, and CIS 051 does not fulfil the Computer Literacy Requirement. Only the successful passing of the Computer Literacy Examination will fulfil the Computer Literacy Requirement.

Computer Literacy Exam (CLE) - SPRING SEMESTER 2022

    • Orville E. Kean Campus (St. Thomas)
      • Register online in Banweb: CLE 100 CRN 16694
      • Contact for qestions regarding registration.
    • Albert A. Sheen Campus  (St. Croix)
      • Register online in Banweb: CLE 100 CRN 16695
      • Contact for qestions regarding registration.
Online registration for the upcoming Computer Literacy Exam (CLE) sessions at UVI is now available. Students must register for the CLE via Banweb. The examination is online, and will be administered via Blackboard in the rooms listed below. All sections of the CLE must be completed and passed in order to receive a passing grade. Students must bring current photo ID to the testing room for verification.

For assistance with web registration contact the Registrar's Office at (340) 693-1160 or (340) 692-4103.