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Preparation & Testing

Initial placement in college-level courses is based upon SAT/ACT scores and/or college transcripts. Guidelines for placement testing follow.

  • Students who are exempt from the Mathematics Placement Test because they scored a 520 or higher on the mathematics section of the SAT (22 or higher on ACT), may take the Advanced Mathematics Placement Test given during the first week of classes. Students who are required to take MAT 143: PreCalculus Algebra benefits from this option. If passed, this test will place a student into either MAT 153: College Trigonomety or MAT 241: Introduction to Calculus and Analytical Geometry I. 
  • Students who score a minimum of 520 on the Mathematics section of the SAT may enroll in college level mathematics classes and do not need to take the mathematics placement test.
  • Students who score a minimum of 560 on the Evidence Based Reading and Writing of the SAT may enroll in college level English and do not need to take the English placement test.
  • Students who have passed college courses in English composition and/or mathematics may enroll in appropriate courses on the recommendation of their advisers.
  • Students who have completed an earned Associates or higher degree may enroll in college level courses.
  • Students who score less than 520 on the Mathematics section and 560 on the Evidence Based Reading and Writing section of the SAT or less than 21 on the ACT English or English/Writing Test may enroll in college-level course if they pass the respective  placement test. Placement testing is usually given the first day of New Student Orientation in the fall and spring and monthly during the summer.

Guidelines for placement into developmental level courses are the following:

  • Students who do not meet any of the criteria indicated in the guidelines above.
  • Students who do not provide official SAT or ACT scores.

It is required that students pass both English 100-WAC 011 and English 101-RCA 021 before taking English 120.

Register Online for UVI Placement Testing

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A valid picture ID and UVI student number is required to take the test.  All placement tests will be done using the ACCUPLACER testing system. This site offers many free practice tools and resources to help you prepare to succeed on each of the ACCUPLACER tests. You can practice using the free Study App or download and practice sample questions. Sample tests for all mathematics, reading, and writing placement tests can be found here.  To practice for the Mathematics Placement Test, use the Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics Sample Questions. To practice for the Advanced Mathematics Placement Test, use the Advanced Algebra and Functions Sample Questions. 

For further information about the English placement test contact Linda Wymer at Further information about the mathematics test contact Dr. Nadia Monrose Mills at