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Carry Forward and Reassigned Funding

At the end of each grant year (September 30th), those funds that remain unexpended are "carried forward" to the proceeding fiscal year. Those funds may then be made available for projects not specifically included in the Comprehensive Development Plan, but which are consistent with the theme of the Program and the scope of the Plan. Projects must also be consistent with the allowable uses of Title III funding, as established in Section 323 (a) of the Higher Education Act of 1965, Part B--Strengthening Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Additionally, during the grant year the President may reassign funding from those projects which are either able to realize their objectives at a lower cost or are unable to expend the funds originally allocated in a timely manner.

Interested faculty and staff are invited to submit funding requests for projects to be conducted under the auspices of the Title III Part B--Strengthening Historically Black Colleges and Universities Program. Proposals should be submitted to the Office of the President, through their respective Division Head, Campus Executive Administrator, Vice Provost for Research and Public Service, or the Provost as appropriate. A copy of each proposal to the President should be submitted to the Title III Office for review.

Some projects that have been supported by Carry Forward or Reassigned funds in the past include:

  • On-Campus Calling Program—Situated in the Institutional Advancement Component on St. Croix, this project facilitated the transfer of the University’s annual giving calling program from an off-site vendor to an on-campus activity by providing software, hardware and training for staff and students.
  • Marine Science Center Renovation--Under the leadership of the Director of the Center for Marine and Environmental Studies, this project became necessary because of increased use of the Center, changes in the utilization of its space, deterioration of old furnishings and user demand for safer and more professional facilities. The renovations have improved UVI's capacity to generate extramural funding by improving infrastructure for teaching and research which also supports the main goals of the Virgin Islands EPSCoR and NIH-RISE and -SCORE programs.

Below is a model request format that should be used to develop a proposal for the use of Title III Carry Forward or Reassigned Funds.

Specific Request
: To utilize $__ in Title III Carry Forward (or Reassigned) Funds to provide, improve or upgrade, offer etc. [One to three sentence summary description].

Description of Activity : [Provide a more detailed, but concise description of the need and activities/purchases/improvements to meet the need. The rationale for the activity should also be incorporated here.]

Objectives, Outcomes and Timelines: [Provide specific, measurable objectives and anticipated outcomes, along with benchmarks and timeframes for completion.]

Proposed Budget: [Not all projects will include all cost categories; utilize only applicable line items. Click on link for definitions of federal cost categories ]
· Personnel $
· Fringe $
· Travel $
· Equipment $
· Supplies $
· Contractual $
· Construction $
· Other $
· Total: $

Budget Justification: [Provide detail on budget categories, including names of individuals to be paid, time committed to the project, list of equipment, description of consulting services, reason for and location of travel, etc.]