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Academic Tutoring

The Center for Student Success (CSS)  encourages students to use all academic services available on campus to achieve their academic goals.   


Learning & Writing Centers

The learning and writing centers offer support services to ALL students who request academic assistance.

Tutoring services are offered in the following courses:

  • Accounting
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Communication
  • English
  • Foreign Languages (Spanish and French)
  • Health Sciences
  • Information Service Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Nursing
  • Science

The Writing Center offers assistance in the following areas.

  • Editing and revisions
  • English Proficiency Exam (EPE) guidance and preparation
  • Pre-writing (outline, thesis statements, and organization)
  • Writing research papers (both MLA and APA formats)
  • Essay writing



 Schedule an appointment!

  1. Log in to MyCampus and click on the blue BucsConnect logo:
  2. Your class schedule will appear. Next to each course there will be two links entitled Request Tutor Appt. and Schedule Tutor Appt.
  3. Click on Schedule Tutor Appt. to create your own appointment.
  4. On the appointment page,  select the correct center, select the day, and tutor, then scroll down to select your time: If there are no time slots that work for you, choose another tutor or day.

Tutoring Schedule

Contact Us

Orville E. Kean Campus (St. Thomas)
Location: Classroom Administration Building (CAB 1st Floor)
Kimalee Emanuel: (340)-693-1365 or email kimalee.emanuel@uvi.edu

Albert A. Sheen Campus (St. Croix)
Location: Evans Building (3rd Floor)
Dr. Maria Fleming: (340)-692-4183 or email: mflemin@uvi.edu