Goals initiated and several completed from inception in 2012 to present include- yet are not limited to:
  1. Streamlining and maintaining digital archives to house and preserve existing VI cultural information, recordings, publications, productions and materials.
  2. Increasing links to interactive websites that ease the accessibility of VICCC digital archives to the public.
  3. Publishing scholarly journals quarterly with articles related to multi-dimensional aspects of VI and Caribbean cultures.
  4. Collaborating with Danish scholars and organizations to facilitating systematic access to existing and developing Danish archives for research and dissemination inclusive of managing coordination of language training for students to translate these materials.  Featured projects: Engaging with National Museum of Denmark along with students and faculty of Danish educational institutions.
  5. Acquiring and curating collections from existing scholars and individuals highlighting those with VI linkages with high priority on the Edward Wilmoth Blyden Collections.
  6. Co-sponsoring annual symposia and conferences that focus on VI  and Caribbean culture with community organizations.  
  7. Coordinating existing UVI cultural activities and projects for advocacy on the importance of VI and Caribbean culture within UVI's mission.
  8. Collaborating with UVI, the VI  and the wider Caribbean community to increase awareness of existing and new cultural activities and initiatives.