Entry Requirements

School of Business
Graduate Studies
Executive Master of Business Administration

Admission Requirements
UVI seeks to admit students who have demonstrated the potential to succeed in business and government and have shown evidence of their managerial and leadership capability at the supervisory, tactical and strategic levels. Criteria for admission include such qualities as demonstrated management and leadership performance, competency in English, work/real life business experience and achievements combined with leadership and creativity.

Specifically, the following criteria shall be applied:

  • At least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university
  • Evidence of experience in a supervisory/leadership position within business or government
  • Demonstrated proficiency in English
  • Three letter(s) of reference
  • Stated commitment to the program

Application Procedure
Submission of the application documents for admission into the program include:

1. Completed Application form for admission into Executive MBA program

2. Motivational essay (one page long) determines the candidate’s aspiration to study on the program
3. The candidate will answers the following questions through the motivational essay:

  • What contributions can you make to the program?
  • If your degree is non-business, why should you be admitted to the program
  • If your degree is non-business, how will you compensate for these deficits?

4. Copy of diploma(s) and related diploma transcript with grade (for each diploma)
5. Original certificate of passing English language test (TOEFL, IELTS or equivalent) taken no earlier than 2 years ago from the application date unless mother tongue is English.
6. Resume/CV (with detailed description of work experience) in English.
7. Three reference letters in sealed envelopes
8. Six passport-sized photos (3×4 cm) – color or black, taken no more than one year ago
9. Copy of passport or ID (original passport or ID document shall be presented
 during application process for verification of your identity)
11. Copy of employment history records (if available) certified by the human resources department/office
12. Medical health certification from a licensed physician.

13. Completed Student Health Form

A personal interview or consultation on individual basis may be a part of the admissions process. Upon review of applicants’ documents (listed above) applicants may be invited to schedule a meeting with the program representatives. Such consultation ensures the best possible fit between applicants’ educational goals and their readiness toward learning at the program.